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What is BIN File - Learn what BIN file extension could be used for and how to open BIN files for each case.
Executable Binary Files - Portable Executable file format introduction
HEX Editors - Read about applications which can display binary format in HEX format
CUE/BIN Disk Images - CUE/BIN is a popular audio disk storage format where BIN files are used
ELF Binary File Format - Read about Executable and Linkable Format and how to execute files in this format
Binary Dump Tool - dumpbin.exe tool. How to use it to get intrnal structures of portable executable file.
What are File Extensions - Learn about file extensions and why they are important.
Dangerous Extensions - What file extensions could harm your computer and why?
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BIN Quick Details
Binary File
  • application/mac-binary
  • application/macbinary
  • application/octet-stream
  • application/x-binary
  • application/x-macbinary
Opens with
  • MultiEdit32
  • Notepad
  • FAR
  • Any Hex Editor