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Open BIN File

BIN file extension is used to specify that file stores information in binary format. In this case binary means that file is non-text format and information inside it could not be interpreted if you open BIN file in text editor. It is possible that parts of the binary file may be interpreted as text using text editor but entire content would not be readable.

BIN file is typically used to store information of following types:

  • Binary disk or track data images. BIN files in this case are used in combination with CUE metadata files which store meta information about what is stored in BIN files. Learn about CUE/BIN Disk Image File Format
  • Executable binary files for Unix based operating systems. Contains file which can be executed on Unix and Unix-like operating system given that execute permissions are set on the file. Learn how to open bin file on Unix.
  • Store binary components of the applications. In this case BIN file format is specific to the app which uses it. It can contain various thing from images to experiments data.
  • MS-DOS stored executable code in binary format and provided tools like exe2bin and bin2exe to convert to and from BIN format.

It is very common for developers to open BIN file and view it in software specifically designed to work with binary files. This software includes multi-purpose text and hex editors like UltraEdit, Sublime, vim and more. Many development packages have binary editing as one of their features.

Certain files in binary format could be converted in a human-readable form with special software. For example, DLL and EXE files could be converted by disassembler to a text file with assembly commands in a readable format and such file could be used by developers to examine and optimize code.

Open BIN file in Windows OS

  • If you know the application which uses BIN file use it to open it
  • If you don't know which application uses BIN file try opening BIN file with hex editor to see what is indside
  • You can use HxD, WinHex, UltraEdit
  • If the BIN file in question is Unix Executable you will not be able to open it on Windows OS
  • Read how to open BIN files in CUE/BIN disk image format.
  • Read how to open BIN files in ELF binary file format.
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    BIN Quick Details
    Binary File
    MIME Type
    • application/mac-binary
    • application/macbinary
    • application/octet-stream
    • application/x-binary
    • application/x-macbinary
    Opens with
    • MultiEdit32
    • Notepad
    • CDRWIN
    • FAR
    • Any Hex Editor